Building an interactive scientific application with TraitsUI
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Building an interactive scientific application with TraitsUI

Building GUIs is a hard a time consuming problem. The traitsUI module makes the job much easier, once a few key concepts are understood. It is under heavy development by the team from enthought and has good manuals .

For the casual scientist a few concepts required to build GUIs with traitsUI may not be obvious (the programming model is heavily object-oriented and not imperative, which surprised me in the beginning).

A tutorial

I have tried to write a tutorial introduction to these concepts aimed to reduce the difficulty of learn traitsUI. The tutorial provides a "cookbook" like approach to building a sample application.

I am currently rewriting it to use more modern and clean techniques (no more pyface, everything is done in traitsUI). You are strongly encouraged to read the new version, as it shows cleaner coding style, but as it has not been worked on as much, I left the old version on this page.

Please send me emails with comments to help me improve it.

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