Gaël Varoquaux

Tue 15 February 2011


Windows binaries for the scientific Python ecosystem

I just realized yesterday that Christoph Gohlke has a repository of binary installers (.exe) for Windows 32 and 64bit with almost all the scientific Python packages that you can dream of:

These binaries are incredibly useful, as building all these packages under Windows does requires some skills, and a compiler. They complement very well fully-fledge scientific Python distributions such as EPD or Python(x,y), as they can be installed on top of an existing Python installation.

I should say that I discovered this thanks to a long email discussion in which Christoph Gohlke and Yakub Nowacki helped me debug a nasty Mayavi bug on Windows 64bit that I couldn’t reproduce as I don’t have a Windows 64bit available. That was particularly helpful.

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