Gaël Varoquaux

Thu 02 April 2015


Job offer: working on open source data processing in Python

We, Parietal team at INRIA, are recruiting software developers to work on open source machine learning and neuroimaging software in Python.

In general, we are looking for people who:

  • have a mathematical mindset,
  • are curious about data (ie like looking at data and understanding it)
  • have an affinity for problem-solving tradeoffs
  • love high-quality code
  • worry about users
  • are good scientific Python coders,
  • enjoy interacting with a community of developers

We welcome candidates people without all the skills, but are strongly motivated to acquire them. Prior open-source experience is a big plus.

One example of such position with application in Neuroimaging is: Which was opened a year ago and has now resulted in nilearn:

Other positions may be more focused on general machine learning or computing tools such as scikit-learn and joblib, which are reference open-source libraries for data processing in Python.

We are a tightly knit team, with a high degree of programming, data analysis and neuroimaging skills.

Please contact me and Olivier Grisel if you are interested,

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