Gaël Varoquaux

Sat 04 September 2010


Scikit Learn coding sprint

We have been really crap at communicating the next scikit-learn coding sprint. It’s next week!

The coding sprint will take place the 8 and 9 September at INRIA Saclay, near Paris, in the room K110 (building K).

For those who cannot make it, it will be possible to participate using the IRC chan (#scikit-learn on

We will start at 9am (Paris time), and a sketch of the planning can be found here. In particular:

  • More docs! we still need tutorials: features selection, model selection, cross-validation, etc..
  • Make the pipeline object really work + illustration in different contexts.
  • Clean up and doc for bayesian approaches.
  • Implementation of PCA (fit + transform).
  • FastICA (adapt the CanICA code)
  • LDA : Covariance estimators (Ledoit-Wolf) and add transform.
  • Preprocessing routines (center, standardize) with fit transform.
  • Anything that you have a particular interest in.

Do not hesitate to send on the mailing list some advices on this (incomplete…) list, and see you next week!

scikit-learn is a Python module for efficient and easy machine learning using scipy and numpy.

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