Gaël Varoquaux

Sun 20 December 2009


The SciPy 2009 proceedings are online

We are finally announcing the online edition of SciPy proceedings:

This year, we tried to raise the bar in terms of article quality. This involved having a more strict review process, and we must thank a lot all the reviewers. I have the feeling it did improve the quality of the final papers. Actually, I must say that there are some really nice papers in the proceedings. I am not going to list them here, you can have a glance at the contents, but they range from fairly technical papers on tools development that are more in the software engineering and computer science fields, to application papers demonstrating how the tools can be used.

I must apologize for the time it took to publish the proceedings. All this was actually a lot of work, and it has taken me a lot of energy. I hope that you will it was worth it.

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