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Beyond computational reproducibility, let us aim for reusability


Scientific progress calls for reproducing results. Due to limited resources, this is difficult even in computational sciences. Yet, reproducibility is only a means to an end. It is not enough by itself to enable new scientific results. Rather, new discoveries must build on reuse and modification of the state …

Publishing scientific software matters

Christophe Pradal, Hans Peter Langtangen, and myself recently edited a version of the Journal of Computational Science on scientific software, in particular those written in Python. We wrote an editorial defending writing and publishing open source scientific software that I wish to summarize here. The full text preprint is openly …

A journal promoting high-quality research code: dream and reality

Open research computation (ORC) was an attempt to create a scientific publication promoting high-quality and open source scientific code. The project went public in falls 2010, but last month, facing the low volume of submission, the editorial board chose to reorient it as a special track of an existing journal …

Conference posters

At the request of a friend, I am putting up some of the posters that I recently presented at conferences.

Large-scale functional-connectivity graphical models for individual subjects using population prior.

This is a poster for our NIPS work


Multi-subject dictionary learning to segment an atlas of brain spontaneous activity …

Scientific publication for software development

The academic community seems to judge the validity and significance of any contribution by the number of papers published and the number of citations they get. To find funding, to get credit, you have to publish or perish. However, the natural output of software development tends not to be an …

Making posters for scientific conferences

Some advices and examples on making posters for scientific conference.

A simple LaTeX example

A simple LaTeX document, to use as a skeletton

The SciPy 2009 proceedings are online

We are finally announcing the online edition of SciPy proceedings:

This year, we tried to raise the bar in terms of article quality. This involved having a more strict review process, and we must thank a lot all the reviewers. I have the feeling …

My article on scientific computing with Python

I have never sold the rights to the article I published in LinuxMagazine France on scientific computing with Python. So I am uploading it to the net, under a CC-by-SA license :

It is in French, so it restricts the audience.

LinuxMag special edition on Python

The French LinuxMag just published a special edition on Python, in which I authored a 12-page article on scientific computing. The edition is in French, so if you don’t speak French, it is of limited interested.

Ce dossier hors-série est une excellente ressource pour découvrir Python, entre autre par …