Gaël Varoquaux

Tue 01 April 2008


LaTeX files of my PhD thesis

Here are the main files I use for writing my PhD thesis with LaTeX. I am not publishing them on the net as a model of what to do, as at the end I was too much in a hurry to do a good job, and I hacked kludges all over the code (it does not compile without overflows anymore).

What turned out to be very handy was the use of the memoir package. It allowed me just enough customization while staying compact. In order to make it work with some other packages I use, I had to hack it a bit (horrible kludges again).

You need an install of the garamond fonts to build this (for epigraphs). I use my own version.

Don’t e-mail me to debug the problems you get by copying the kludges in here. This is ugly code, that I put out because people were asking for it.

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