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Better Python compressed persistence in joblib

New persistence in joblib enables low-overhead storage of big data contained in arbitrary objects

Joblib beta release: fast compressed persistence + Python 3

Joblib 0.6: better I/O and Python 3 support

Happy new year, every one. I have just released Joblib 0.6.0 beta. The highlights of the 0.6 release are a reworked enhanced pickler, and Python 3 support.

Many thanks go to the contributors to the 0.5 …

Writing parallel code in a readable way

Although I often have embarrasingly parallel problems (data parallel), and I have an 8-CPU box at work, I used to frown on writing parallel computing code when doing exploratory coding. We now have fantastic parallel computing facilities in Python (amongst other, multiprocessing, IPython, and parallel Python). However, in my opinion …

Tracking objects in scientific code

When I started working in my new field (data analysis of functional brain images), I was surprised to find in our data-analysis scripts what I thought was a very particular code smell: the numerical code is always doing a lot of filename and path manipulation, loading and saving data even …