Gaël Varoquaux

Tue 27 October 2009


EuroScipy 2010 in Paris

Next year’s EuroScipy will be in Paris, as Nicolas Chauvat and myself announced in Leipzig this summer. We are still busy organizing, but we have pretty much settled down for a dates: July 8th- July 11th. So mark those dates, and get ready to come to Paris for a fantastic event where Science meets computing thanks to Python.

On the Thursday and Friday, we will have 2 days of optional tutorials; introductory ones to get up to speed with Python, and advanced ones, where experts explain the tools they know best. On the Saturday and Sunday, the main conference will be held, and if it is anywhere like last year’s, we will be hearing thrilling discussions with topics ranging from the latest libraries for better scientific computing to how Python was used in top-notch scientific achievements.

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