Gaël Varoquaux

Fri 22 July 2011


Euroscipy 2011: early bird deadline soon

Euroscipy 2011: register now for early bird prices

The deadline for early-bird registration at the Euroscipy conference is this Sunday. Beyond this deadline prices will double. Register now to get a great deal.

To register, simply go to, log in using the link on the top right, and follow the ‘Register now for the conference’ link on the top left.

The conference is a great opportunity to learn the intricacies of numerical and scientific computing in Python. You can register for the tutorials in a intro track, that will take you from beginner to fully autonomous user, or for an advanced track, to learn from the experts topics such as image processing, GPU computing, machine learning or optimization. The tutorials are a fairly unique occasion to improve your skills, as you will seldom get such a concentration of experts.

Some program highlights

After the 2 days of tutorial, the conference itself we host 2 keynotes: one by Marian Petre, of the open university, well-known for her empirical studies of software development, and another one by Fernando Perez, a pioneer in scientific computing in Python and the original author of IPython.

Glancing at the program, we can see how a wide range of topics are touched:

The variety of the topics illustrates what is for me one of the greatest benefits of the scipy conferences: they form a forum to exchange ideas and techniques to find new solutions to scientific, numerical and data analysis problems. Unlike the pure computer science conference, they sit at the frontier of applications and bleeding edge computer developments, because these people really use the tools presented to solve their problems.

In addition to this rich program, we will have 2 days of sprints before the conference as well as 2-day-long satellite conferences on Python in Physics and NeuroScience after the conference. This is how what used to be a small conference can now be a full 8-days event if you order all the extras.

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