Gaël Varoquaux

Wed 18 February 2009


Mayavi UI issue

I have been wanting to change slightly the design of a Mayavi dialog for a while. Here is the issue: when you create a visualization, eg throught the command line in IPython, whith mlab, you get a nice and small window with only your visualization, and a toolbar. If you want to change the properties of the objects on the visualization, or add some more, you need to click on a button on the toolbar, which displays a dialog, from which you can open more dialogs to edit the objects:

I am thinking to changing this to a single dialog:

The single-object-editing dialogs could still be opened by double-clicking on the pipeline.

I am not going to discuss why I believe the new version would be better than the old one, because I do not want to bias people. However, I would prefer not making the decision to change based only on my feelings. So I ask everybody, users of Mayavi or not: what do you think is better? And why? I will probably leave an option to have the old behavior, anyhow, but the default is very important.

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