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My Mayavi story: discovering open source communities

The Mayavi Python software, and my personal history: A thread on Python and scipy ecosystems, building open source codebase, and meeting really cool and friendly people

I am writing today as a goodbye to the project: I used to be one of the core contributors and maintainers but have been …

My conference travels: Scipy 2011 and HBM 2011

The Scipy 2011 conference in Austin

Last week, I was at the Scipy conference in Austin. It was really great to see old friends, and Austin is such a nice place.

The Scipy conference was held in UT Austin’s conference center, which is a fantastic venue. This is the …

Windows binaries for the scientific Python ecosystem

I just realized yesterday that Christoph Gohlke has a repository of binary installers (.exe) for Windows 32 and 64bit with almost all the scientific Python packages that you can dream of:

Multitouch with VTK (and MedINRIA and Mayavi)

If the videos on this post are not showing, click through to see them.

A colleague of mine, Pierre Fillard, has just integrated multitouch in the next generation of the VTK-based medical imaging software MedINRIA. The nice thing is that it works on an Apple laptop out of the box …

Mayavi: Representing an additional scalar on surfaces

We have been getting a few questions on the enthought-dev mailing-list on how to represent an additional information on a surface with Mayavi, using color not given eg by the elevation. A recent post on his blog by Didrik Pinte shows the problem quite well:

This problem can be seen …

New Mayavi release

A week ago, the Peter Wang released a new version of the Enthought Tool Suite (ETS). With it came a new version of Mayavi2.

Prabhu and I have been horribly busy we real life, and I had the bad feeling that we were not giving enough love to Mayavi. I …

Using Python, Scipy, ETS, … to implement art

The Aikon project has just been slashdotted.

The project is about implementing a robotic artist, with a special artistic touch:

The Co-principal investigator, Patrick Tresset, gave a talk at the French Pycon this year and I was simply flabbergasted by the project. It is amazing to mix together art and …

Mayavi: 2 videos of tutorial-like presentation

I gave a presentation on Mayavi in the Python for science seminar organised by Fernando Perez at Berkeley. I was loudmouth and obnoxious as usual, and unfortunately for me, I was recorded.

More seriously, Jeff Teeters has filmed the presentation and recorded the sound was a microphone I was wearing …

Minimum spanning tree

Gary Ruben came up with the excellent idea of visualizing the minimum spanning tree of a Delaunay tesselation in addition to Delaunay tessalation itself. After he sent me his code, I spent some times playing with it, because I found out that, with the right choice of visualization parameter, it …

Extracting the data from the Delaunay triangulation

Gary Ruben just asked me if it was possible to retrieve the triangulation information from my previous Delaunay example. Actually the reason I came up with this example is that Emanuelle Gouillart, my partner[*], needed to do Delaunay triangulation on some data. She was kind enough to extract that code …