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SVG Word map of countries

To be able to visualize some quantities attached to countries all over the world, I needed a image with various countries color-coded. The fantastic matplotlib basemap package was not an option as I really needed a static image.

So I generated an SVG image with all the countries. It was …

Using Python, Scipy, ETS, … to implement art

The Aikon project has just been slashdotted.

The project is about implementing a robotic artist, with a special artistic touch:

The Co-principal investigator, Patrick Tresset, gave a talk at the French Pycon this year and I was simply flabbergasted by the project. It is amazing to mix together art and …

Mayavi image of the … month

Tonight I sat down and played a bit with VTK’s Delaunay tessalation filter. I wanted to inspect the local structure of a graph created by Delaunay tessalation of random points. To see better the structure, I selected a slab of the resulting unstructured grid. I think the image is …