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Unison 2.48 binaries for ARM

I have built static binaries of Unision 2.48 for ARM

New website

I am moving my website to a new design, relying on Pelican and more modern CSS.

So far, I had been using rest2web to generate the static part of the website, and a local install of wordpress for the blog. I wasn’t doing good on keeping the wordpress install …

SVG Word map of countries

To be able to visualize some quantities attached to countries all over the world, I needed a image with various countries color-coded. The fantastic matplotlib basemap package was not an option as I really needed a static image.

So I generated an SVG image with all the countries. It was …

Frank Willison on the French

I couldn’t help myself, this Franck-Willison quote is brilliant:

“And the Europeans accept chaos and know how to live with it. I came away from France believing in the strong faith of the French people, not because of their magnificent cathedrals, but because I saw them drive around L …

GPS coordinates for the world’s major cities

This may sound stupid, but I have failed to find on the web a simply-accessible text file giving the GPS coordinates for the world’s major cities. The web site World-gazetteer is helpful, but doesn’t really give what I want. So I wrote a small Python web-scraping script to …

Hello world… hu I mean Planet !

Thanks to Jarrod Millman, we now have planet.scipy . This means it is time for me to create a blog, on top of my good old static site.