Gaël Varoquaux

Thu 29 January 2009


Frank Willison on the French

I couldn’t help myself, this Franck-Willison quote is brilliant:

“And the Europeans accept chaos and know how to live with it. I came away from France believing in the strong faith of the French people, not because of their magnificent cathedrals, but because I saw them drive around L’Arc du Triomphe. As they careened around this monument in vehicles that were little more than motorized Altoid containers, they looked like a network run by Linux servers: little packets hurtling within inches of each other, traveling together for a time, separated by other packets coming from other sources, reassembling as they sped out of the circle and onto the Champs Élysées. It’s no surprise to me that much of the interest in IPv6 is coming from France–if they don’t understand delay-sensitive traffic in France, they understand it nowhere.”
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