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RIP John Hunter: the loss of a great man

John Hunter, the author of matplotlib passed away yesterday after a short battle against cancer. John gave the keynote at the scipy 2012 conference a few weeks ago, and was diagnosed with cancer just on his return from the conference. It is a shock to me that that a friend …

Research jobs in France: the black humor of 2010 is the reality of 2011

The French basic research landscape is dominated by a few nationwide institute, similar to the NIST or the NIH in the US. The largest of these is the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientific). Getting a tenured job in one of those institutes enables someone to focus on basic …

Machine learning humour

Yes, but they overfit

If you are reading this post through a planet, the movie isn’t showing up, just click through to understand what the hell this is about.

Some explanations…

Machine learning, geeks, and beers

Sorry for the bad humour. In the previous weeks my social geek life …

General relativity, quantum physics, freely-falling planes and Bayesian statistics

We’re famous: the work that concluded my PhD is now picked up by the press

I hadn’t realized before reading this journalist’s version of the story, but we have all the proper buzz words:

  • general relativity
  • quantum physics
  • freely-falling planes
  • Bayesian …

Acceleration estimation in atom-interferometric tests of the Einstein equivalence principle

Hurray! The pivot article that marks my transition from physics to statistic modeling is finally out:

How to estimate the differential acceleration in a two-species atom interferometer to test the equivalence principle G Varoquaux, R A Nyman, R Geiger, P Cheinet, A Landragin and P Bouyer

To put things in …

Frank Willison on the French

I couldn’t help myself, this Franck-Willison quote is brilliant:

“And the Europeans accept chaos and know how to live with it. I came away from France believing in the strong faith of the French people, not because of their magnificent cathedrals, but because I saw them drive around L …

My travels this summer

This summer has been hectic (life is hectic anyhow!). As I was switching fields from physics to neuro-imaging, I took the chance to travel to the US and to spend the summer doing Python-related stuff.

Austin - Enthought

I spent most of my time this summer at Enthought, in Austin, Texas …

Arrived in Texas

I just arrived in Austin, Texas. I need to settle down a bit more, blog about my fantastic holidays, but I wanted to give an update of where I was.

The hospitality here has been fantastic so far. I am sitting in a confy chair, sipping a fresh orange juice …

Update on my life

I am currently changing jobs and changing countries. This is why I have been really bad at dealing with questions on the mailing-lists, bug-reports or feature requests.


So far I have been working as a physicist, doing atomic physics (Bose Einstein Condensation). I studied quantum physics, mostly theory, and …

Mission accomplished

I defended my PhD yesterday. I am pretty happy to be done with this.

After the defense, the other PhD students offered me a plastic python (well it was a cobra, actually, but they told me to pretend it was a Python.