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Machine learning humour

Yes, but they overfit

If you are reading this post through a planet, the movie isn’t showing up, just click through to understand what the hell this is about.

Some explanations…

Machine learning, geeks, and beers

Sorry for the bad humour. In the previous weeks my social geek life …

Fuzzy on OOP and the French


Haha - I shake my fuzzywuzzy beard at you in bewilderment. Do you people dislike OOP, the class statement is mere boilerplate to you, I mumble incoherent French obscenities in your general direction. (Did you know the French acronym for object-oriented programming is POO?).

Frank Willison on the French

I couldn’t help myself, this Franck-Willison quote is brilliant:

“And the Europeans accept chaos and know how to live with it. I came away from France believing in the strong faith of the French people, not because of their magnificent cathedrals, but because I saw them drive around L …

What the local newspaper writes on the French

In the “Otago daily times”, lost in NZ’s South island

Enorme !

Sans commentaires (autre que j’ai trouvé cela très bon)