Gaël Varoquaux

Thu 23 April 2015


MLOSS: machine learning open source software workshop @ ICML 2015


This year again we will have an exciting workshop on the leading-edge machine-learning open-source software. This subject is central to many, because software is how we propagate, reuse, and apply progress in machine learning.

Want to present a project? The deadline for the call for papers is Apr 28th, in a few days :

The workshop will be help at the ICML conference, in Lille France, on July 10th. ICML –International Conference in Machine Learning– is the leading venue for academic research in machine learning. It’s a fantastic place to hold such a workshop, as the actors of theoretical progress are all around. Software is the bridge that brings this progress beyond papers.

There is a long tradition of MLOSS workshop, with one every year and a half. Last time, at NIPS 2013, I could feel a bit of a turning point, as people started feeling that different software slotted together, to create an efficient and state-of-the art working environment. For this reason, we have entitled this year’s workshop ‘open ecosystems’, stressing that contributions in the scope of the workshop, that build a thriving work environment, are not only machine learning software, but also better statistics or numerical tools.

We have two keynotes with important contributions to such ecosystems:

  • John Myles White (Facebook), lead developer of Julia statistics and machine learning: “Julia for machine learning: high-level syntax with compiled-code speed”
  • Matthew Rocklin (Continuum Analytics), developer of Python computational tools, in particular Blaze (confirmed): “Blaze, a modern numerical engine with out-of-core and out-of-order computations”.

There will be also a practical presentation on how to set up an open-source project, discussing hosting, community development, quality assurance, license choice, by yours truly.

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