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Nilearn 0.2: more powerful machine learning for neuroimaging

After 6 months of efforts, We just released version 0.2 of nilearn, dedicated to making machine learning in neuroimaging easier and more powerful.

This release integrates the features of the july sprint, and more.


Better documentation …

Nilearn sprint: hacking neuroimaging machine learning

A couple of weeks ago, we had in Paris the second international nilearn sprint, dedicated to making machine learning in neuroimaging easier and more powerful.

It was such a fantastic experience, as nilearn is really shaping up as a simple yet powerful tool, and there is a lot of enthusiasm …

MLOSS: machine learning open source software workshop @ ICML 2015


This year again we will have an exciting workshop on the leading-edge machine-learning open-source software. This subject is central to many, because software is how we propagate, reuse, and apply progress in machine learning.

Want to present a project? The deadline for the call for papers is Apr 28th …

RIP John Hunter: the loss of a great man

John Hunter, the author of matplotlib passed away yesterday after a short battle against cancer. John gave the keynote at the scipy 2012 conference a few weeks ago, and was diagnosed with cancer just on his return from the conference. It is a shock to me that that a friend …

3 Google summer of code for scikit-learn and more…

The scikit-learn got 3 students accepted for the Google summer of code.

Book review: NumPy 1.5 Beginner’s guide

Packt publishing sent me a copy of NumPy 1.5 Beginner’s guide by Ivan Idris.

The book actually covers more than only numpy: it is a full introduction to numerical computing with Python. The table of contents is the following:

  • NumPy Quick Start
  • Beginning with NumPy Fundamentals
  • Get into …

Joblib beta release: fast compressed persistence + Python 3

Joblib 0.6: better I/O and Python 3 support

Happy new year, every one. I have just released Joblib 0.6.0 beta. The highlights of the 0.6 release are a reworked enhanced pickler, and Python 3 support.

Many thanks go to the contributors to the 0.5 …

Scikit-learn NIPS 2011 sprint: international thanks to our sponsors

The NIPS conference: time for a sprint. The NIPS conference, one of the major conferences in machine learning, is hosted in Granada this year. I believe that it is the first time that it is hosted in Europe. As many of the scikit-learn developers are part of the wider NIPS …

Cython example of exposing C-computed arrays in Python without data copies

Some advice on passing arrays from C to Python avoiding copies. I use Cython as I have found the code to be more maintainable than hand-written Python C-API code.

I found out that there was no self-contained example of creating numpy arrays from existing data in Cython. Thus I created …

Python at scientific conferences

Top notch scientific conferences are starting to add Python tracks to their program. This is good news. Indeed, it scientific Python conferences (namely Scipy, EuroSciPy and Scipy India) are doing great to get together people who have already heard about Python for science, but we need to reach out to …