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Scikit-learn Paris sprint 2017

Two week ago, we held in Paris a large international sprint on scikit-learn. It was incredibly productive and fun, as always. We are still busy merging in the work, but I think that know is a good time to try to summarize the sprint.

A massive workforce

We had a …

Scikit-learn 2014 sprint: a report

A week ago, the 2014 edition of the scikit-learn sprint was held in Paris. This was the third time that we held an internation sprint and it was hugely productive, and great fun, as always.

Great people and great venues

We had a mix of core contributors and newcomers, which …

Update on scikit-learn: recent developments for machine learning in Python

Yesterday, we released version 0.11 of the scikit-learn toolkit for machine learning in Python, and there was much rejoincing.

Major features gained in the last releases

In the last 6 months, there have been many things happening with the scikit-learn. While I do not whish to give an exhaustive …

Scikit-learn NIPS 2011 sprint: international thanks to our sponsors

The NIPS conference: time for a sprint. The NIPS conference, one of the major conferences in machine learning, is hosted in Granada this year. I believe that it is the first time that it is hosted in Europe. As many of the scikit-learn developers are part of the wider NIPS …

Scikit-learn sprint on April 1st

The scikit-learn team is organizing a sprint on April 1st (that next Friday). Join us in Paris, Boston, or on IRC!

With the rise of the data sciences, the scikit-learn, a BSD-licensed Python package for machine learning, is becoming an asset for more and more endeavors. Machine learning has traditionally …

Sprint Scikit learn in Paris

We are organizing a coding sprint in Paris on scikit learn, machine learning in Python. The goal of this sprint is to set the API and the general coding guidelines of the scikit to be able to tackle many different statistical learning problems in a consistent framework.

This is why …

Numpy doc sprint in Paris tomorrow!

We really need to get numpy 1.0.5 out. And for this release to rock, we want to have good docs. This is why Jarrod offered to have a doc sprint tomorrow.

In addition we are currently having a sprint in Paris for neuroimaging in Python, with a bunch …