Gaël Varoquaux

Sat 26 January 2008


Mayavi2 in Ubuntu

After Debian, Mayavi2 has just made it into Ubuntu Hardy ( From what I can see, the deps look just good, thanks a lot to Varun for making sure the Debian package was in shape. This means in April, it will be massively easier for a lot of people to install an oldish version of Mayavi2.

I am quite happy to say that we did this the right way, by polishing a Debian package first. Once this once done, getting Mayavi2 in Ubuntu was trivial. This felt like a well-working machinery.

Now that a Debian package has been done and the Debian QA went over all the fine details of permissions, license, man pages… it should be much easier to get Mayavi2 in other distros (anybody for Fedora ?). Having a binary package in a distro is a major bonus for the users: there is a world between having to grab and compile the ETS to try out a program, and being able to install it from the repos. Of course, the package will always be a bit old and lacking the shiny features that we add in the SVN. When I find time, I will put myself together and make debs for Gusty. It not hard, I just have to find the time (yes, promises …).

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