Gaël Varoquaux

Fri 19 June 2009


SciPy 2009 conference opened up for registration

We are finally opening the registration for the SciPy 2009 conference. It took us time, but the reason  is that we made careful budget estimations to bring the registration cost down.

We are very happy to announce that this year registration to the conference will be only $150, tutorial $100, and students get half price! We made this effort because we hope it will open up the conference to more people, especially students that often have to finance such trip with little budget. As a consequence, however, catering at noon is not included.

This does not mean that we are getting a reduced conference. Quite on the contrary, this year we have two keynote speakers. And what speakers: Peter Norvig and Jon Guyer! Peter Norvig is the director of research at Google and Jon Guyer is a research scientist at NIST, in the Thermodynamics and Kinetics Group, where he leads a fiPy, a finite element project in Python.

The SciPy 2009 Conference

SciPy 2009, the 8th Python in Science conference, will be held from August 18-23, 2009 at Caltech in Pasadena, CA, USA.

Each year SciPy attracts leading figures in research and scientific software development with Python from a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines. The focus of the conference is both on scientific libraries and tools developed with Python and on scientific or engineering achievements using Python.

Call for Papers

We welcome contributions from the industry as well as the academic world. Indeed, industrial research and development as well academic research face the challenge of mastering IT tools for exploration, modeling and analysis.

We look forward to hearing your recent breakthroughs using Python! Please read the full call for papers.

Important Dates

  • Friday, June 26: Abstracts Due
  • Saturday, July 4: Announce accepted talks, post schedule
  • Friday, July 10: Early Registration ends
  • Tuesday-Wednesday, August 18-19: Tutorials
  • Thursday-Friday, August 20-21: Conference
  • Saturday-Sunday, August 22-23: Sprints
  • Friday, September 4: Papers for proceedings due

The SciPy 2009 executive committee

  • Jarrod Millman, UC Berkeley, USA (Conference Chair)
  • Gaël Varoquaux, INRIA Saclay, France (Program Co-Chair)
  • Stéfan van der Walt, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (Program Co-Chair)
  • Fernando Pérez, UC Berkeley, USA (Tutorial Chair)

Update: I correct the typo in the original blog post: the sprints are free, the tutorial are $100.

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