Gaël Varoquaux

Fri 11 July 2008


Scipy2008 Early-bird registration deadline ends today

I have been planning to make a more interesting post highlighting the large trends of the SciPy2008 conference, but it is 3AM local time, and I am still hacking on Mayavi, so I think I’ll keep it short.

As far a the conference program goes, we can see a few major themes emerging. There will be talks about the use of Python for scientific works, but also talks about the growing stack of Python scientific tools. Interesting trends are the non-purely-numerical tools: symbolic and graph theory, and the race towards more optimisation through compilation from Python code. In addition this year we see a major effort on documentation. I think this is the sign of a numerical stack that is maturing.

As for the tutorials, I am personnally very interested in the advanced track tutorial. The newest and coolest technologies, like Cython, are also not the one I know best, and we have the chance to be able to listen to their authors presenting them.

The early bird registration deadline is ending tomorrow, as I point out in my title. If you miss this deadline, the conference fees will be higher, and the reason is simply that late registration makes organisation harder and more expensive. I would be happier if everybody registered before this deadline and paid less. I am not too sure what the accountant would say.

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