Gaël Varoquaux

Fri 27 June 2008


Student sponsorship for the SciPy08 conference

I am delighted to announce that the Python Software Foundation has answered our call and is providing sponsoring to the SciPy08 conference.

We will use this money to sponsor the registration fees and travel for up to 10 college or graduate students to attend the conference. The PSF did not provide all the founds required for all 10 students and once again Enthought Inc. ( is stepping up to fill in[1].

To apply, please send a short description of what you are studying and why you’d like to attend to Please include telephone contact information.

From my perspective, this is excellent news. First of all this means that the SciPy community is working a bit more closely with the PSF and the broader Python community. But the is also very dear to me as last year I was sponsored as a student to come to the SciPy conference. I got to meet fantastic people and discover thrilling new developments. This was the beginning of a move away of my core physics activity to a more software-related work, and the realization that yes, I could do it, I could maybe contribute something useful to the community (well, I’ll let you judge that). Thanks a lot to Travis Vaught from Enthought for bringing this project to a success.

[1] I feel like we (the SciPy community) are like an aging teenager, wanting a lot of independence, but still living a lot out of parent’s money (Enthought). And I feel the first concerned, as I am spending the summer working at Enthought to get a chance to work on interesting SciPy-related projects.

Disclaimer: The second part of this post reflects my own opinions, and not those of my employer (obviously) or the SciPy08 organising comittee.

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