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Numpy documentation editor

Pauli Virtanen and myself have finally finished transfering the numpy documentation editor to The documentation editor is a project that has been mainly championed by Pauli. It allows you to edit in a wiki-like fashion the documentation for numpy, including the docstring. The changes are reviewed …

SciPy Conference proceedings

The SciPy conference proceedings are finally available online: .

I hope you enjoy them. I find it great to have this set of excellent articles talking about works done with, or for, Python in science. For me, it is a reference to remember what was …

Rendering static pages with Turbogears

Turbogears hack

Suppose you have a dynamic website using turbogears, and you want to publish part of the content of this dynamic site to a static website, for instance to garanty its perenity. Well turbogears makes it really hard for you to do this. On the mailing lists they pretty …

Docs using Sphinx

After Ipython and Sympy, Mayavi is now using sphinx to build its docs. Sphinx is very neat because it allows for high quality pdf and html from the same restructured text source. The killer feature is that the resulting html pages have a builtin search that works with javascript, and …

LaTeX files of my PhD thesis

The main files of my phd thesis, to give an example of the LaTeX code used

Garamond fonts for LaTeX

An easy to install version of Garamond fonts for LaTeX