Gaël Varoquaux

Mon 28 April 2008


Docs using Sphinx

After Ipython and Sympy, Mayavi is now using sphinx to build its docs. Sphinx is very neat because it allows for high quality pdf and html from the same restructured text source. The killer feature is that the resulting html pages have a builtin search that works with javascript, and thus works on the client without the need of a server.

In addition, the developer is very reactive and dedicated to making sphinx versatile-enough to generate high-quality docs for many packages. As a result many Python projects are switching to sphinx. First Python itself (that’s what sphinx was created for), but now more and more. It seems that zope is even considering it. One great side effect is that documentation for different Python modules will be consistent, with the same look and feel (although you can tweak sphinx output if you want).

We don’t have a server serving the html docs yet (it is planned, we just need a bit of time), but you can check out the pdf generated here.

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