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Making posters for scientific conferences

Some advices and examples on making posters for scientific conference.

A simple LaTeX example

A simple LaTeX document, to use as a skeletton

PCA and ICA: Identifying combinations of variables

Dimension reduction and interpretability

Suppose you have statistical data that too many dimensions, in other words too many variables of the same random process, that has been observed many times. You want to find out, from all these variables (or all these dimensions when speaking in terms of multivariate data …

General relativity, quantum physics, freely-falling planes and Bayesian statistics

We’re famous: the work that concluded my PhD is now picked up by the press

I hadn’t realized before reading this journalist’s version of the story, but we have all the proper buzz words:

  • general relativity
  • quantum physics
  • freely-falling planes
  • Bayesian …

Acceleration estimation in atom-interferometric tests of the Einstein equivalence principle

Hurray! The pivot article that marks my transition from physics to statistic modeling is finally out:

How to estimate the differential acceleration in a two-species atom interferometer to test the equivalence principleG Varoquaux, R A Nyman, R Geiger, P Cheinet, A Landragin and P Bouyer

To put things in …

What’s wrong with young academic careers in France

David just blogged a link to an article about careers in higher education. I thought the paragraph on the French system was so much to the point that I would like to quote it entirely here:

In France, the access to a first permanent position as maître de conférences occurs …

LaTeX files of my PhD thesis

The main files of my phd thesis, to give an example of the LaTeX code used

Mission accomplished

I defended my PhD yesterday. I am pretty happy to be done with this.

After the defense, the other PhD students offered me a plastic python (well it was a cobra, actually, but they told me to pretend it was a Python.

Garamond fonts for LaTeX

An easy to install version of Garamond fonts for LaTeX

Timing problems with a computer

Simple experiments on real-time computing, to put in the perspective of the computer-control of an experiment